About Our Statement Tees for Mums

Hey there, mama bear! I’m so glad you’ve found Cotton + Kin and you’re rocking our statement tees for mums. I designed them for mums just like you and me – we’re celebrating the mess and the mayhem of mum life with humour, grace and a LOT of coffee.

Wearing Cotton + Kin, you can feel confident in your identity as a mum. You can totally own that hands full, tired-eyed, mum brain thing you’ve got going on. Your tee says it all, like a secret message of solidarity to all the other mamas out there.

I’ll let you in on a secret…

I was ruined by the first few months of motherhood. Like, completely floored.

It was a whirlwind of emotions. All-consuming love, joy and gratitude wrapped up in the exhaustion and unrelenting pace of being everything my gorgeous girl needed. But as I found my feet as a parent and the fog cleared (a little), I realised just how many other mums felt the same.

That’s why I created Cotton + Kin, so we could poke some fun at mum life – and look great while doing it! Each one of our premium tees is cotton, flattering and destined to be a wardrobe staple that gives you good vibes.

Because let’s face it, motherhood is not all make-my-heart-burst moments. It can be overwhelming and draining, keeping up with your family’s demands. Who else lives for nap time? #iknowimnottheonlyone

Some day’s it’s endless drop-offs and pick-ups. It’s snacks on demand, nappy changes, doctor’s appointments, to-do lists and unfinished cups of tea. It’s unwashed hair (hello, dry shampoo!), Lego underfoot and laundry for days. It’s feeling like you don’t have your shiz together and making it up as you go. #classicmumlife

So, whether you’re nailing mum life like a boss, or just surviving it an hour at a time, know you’re not alone. We’re all just doing our best and keeping it real, Cotton + Kin style.

We love it when you tag us in your pics (@cottonandkin) and we want to keep bringing you the products you love – so tell us what you want to see! hello@cottonandkin.com.au